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Christmas / Chinese New Year / Customized Gift

於聖誕、新年向您尊貴的客戶、重要的生意夥伴,以及勞苦功高的同僚,表達謝意,送上一份祝賀! 除了以下介紹的系列,您亦可以下載產品目錄了解更多,或選擇客製化的禮盒。ISABELLE Customized Service 會有專人為您跟進,預早計劃,讓您更輕鬆。

【下載】ISABELLE 產品目錄 2024 (PDF 版本)

It's time of the year to express gratitude to your beloved customers, business partners and company comrades. ISABELLE is ready to convey your appreciation with a variety of luscious cookies packed in delicate gift boxes, view the latest catalogue now! If you are looking for customized gifts, ISABELLE Customized Service team is right here for you, let's plan early to avoid the rush.

【Download】ISABELLE Catalogue 2024 (PDF)


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